Mission, Vision and Commitments


To provide an education based on personal responsibility and freedom, which enables its students to fully develop their intellectual and human potential. To achieve this, UAI has made a commitment to provide a professional education with high academic standards, to contribute to expanding the limits of knowledge through advanced research and to transfer this knowledge to benefit society.



The goal of an education based on values is the cornerstone of this mission. This requires a systematic process to develop the behaviors fitting of a UAI student. The mission and its implementation therefore involve a respect for essential value-based elements that enable and promote this as a comprehensive part of the education process. These values are freedom and responsibility.

Freedom implies placing value on diversity, freedom of thought, inquiry, creation and entrepreneurship, an open discussion of ideas and in general the possibility to make decisions freely and without coercion in diverse spheres of life.

Responsibility means being ready and willing to respond to professional challenges in a way that is thorough, rational and ethically grounded. This must also be guided by the daily practice of freedom.


A respect for freedom and responsibility means ensuring a quality education and the implicit consequences for a university. Therefore, in consolidating this mission, UAI has established the adoption of the following core commitments:

  • Conduct research that meets international standards.
  • Promote a culture of global integration, innovation and entrepreneurship in all aspects of life
  • Promote critical, in-depth academic reflection on matters of public interest, participating actively in their debate.
  • Provide a professional education based on an in-depth knowledge of the disciplines of each profession, and the development of skills required for appropriate performance in the workplace.
  • Foster a proactive, action-oriented attitude in students, as well as the ability to solve problems and implement solutions.
  • Promote a broad, critical intellectual development in students through a multidisciplinary liberal arts education, providing a greater understanding of the complexities of the modern world and strengthening their professional education.
  • Contribute to continuing professional education through advanced and refresher programs that are aligned with the demands of an increasingly more competitive world in a constant state of flux.

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