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We are convinced that if we want to create innovation, it is not enough to learn how other countries create and innovate. Design and innovation is made. And this can only be learned by doing.

At UAI, we have taken on this challenge, founding a new School of Design called DesignLab, with a stellar academic team trained in the best universities around the world, who conduct cutting-edge research on issues such as materials, microelectronics and robotics, ecology, environment and landscape.

For this research, we have installed the first FabLab in the country, which operates in collaboration with major research centers and prestigious universities around the world.

We place knowledge at the service of real problems, generating solutions that are then tested in the real world. We educate people capable of working collaboratively with other disciplines, applying solutions from the field of science and entrepreneurship with creativity.

The designer of tomorrow will be a person with high standards of knowledge in technology, business models and aesthetics.

The student will obtain cutting-edge knowledge in design, technology and creation of prototypes tied to business tools, which will be fundamental when facing different problems in the real world, with an emphasis on creativity and innovation.

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