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UAI Educational Model

An excessively professionalized undergraduate program like the one that distinguish the Chilean higher education, contradicts itself with the knowledge and skills currently required by young people in the country. Eventhough we face a world in constant change with an unpredictable future, we can prepare our students for this scenery by properly designing their stay at the University. As a result of this, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, has developed a unique educative model that provide a genuine University experience which allows to develop the student’s skills far beyond of what they would do under the traditional educative model in Chile and this will echo on the paths they take later.

Our Educational Model seeks to provide students with a broad and appropriate education for the 21st century. This proposal incorporates the core content of each discipline. It also forges the character of students, and develops in them the skills they need to successfully face current and future challenges: it prepares them to function in a complex and disruptive world that requires new and different answers to the traditional ones.

The UAI Educational Model is structured over three pillars that interrelate and mutually strengthen each other. Thanks to this education paradigm, unique in our country, our students acquire the resources they need to be owners of their own future.

Liberal Arts

At UAI we are convinced that the professional formation of undergraduate students in Chile does not develop the necessary skills that the future professionals will need to manage in a world in constant change. Due to this, and aiming to our students may successfully approach the challenges they will have to face, a strong Liberal Arts program which is transversely set as part of the curriculum in all the careers that our university offers.

Through training in Liberal Arts, students are expected to develop a series of skills and obtain a series of resources:

  • Ability to deal with complexity, diversity and change.
  • To develop critical and argumentative thinking.
  • To free their minds from the prejudices of today’s culture.
  • That they know how to differentiate between facts and beliefs.
  • To formulate vital questions about a problem.
  • That they can discern between great alternatives and not about an absolute truth.
  • That they learn to read, to converse, to develop empathy.
  • That they prepare themselves to live in new circumstances.
  • That they elaborate their own solutions to unknown problems.
Professional Training

This pillar provides students with key knowledge and skills to excel in the study program they have chosen when entering into this university.

Nowadays we have access to a huge amount of specific knowledge, this leads to put emphasis on the selection of life long lasting contents that may have a deep impact on the student’s professional career.

The interaction of this professional curriculum and the Liberal Arts program constitute an irreplaceable tool for the development of, on one hand, the necessary skills that this century may require, and on the other, the abilities that will enable a continuous learning through the time.

Final Specialization

The University’s educative model offers students the chance of specialization on the chosen professional area. This third pillar, for students who attends their senior year of college, enables them to solve very specific problems. The specialization mentioned above, being a Master in Science (Msc) degree or other postgraduate programs, can be imparted by more than one academic unit providing a cross-curricular seal which will allow our graduates fast and easily access to the job market.


To summarize the University’s educational project, the UAI singular Academic Method looks for promoting among students: knowledge, skills and key competences that allow our graduates to foster their autonomy, broader their minds, develop empathy, ethical discernment and creativity (among many other attributes). In concordance with this desire, the vocational training offered by the University will boost the values of freedom and individual responsibilities. All the above is essential to our future professionals to think freely and to take their own path.

Permanent Education

The University offers a plethora of permanent education programs that allows former students from this institution and others the chance to come back to study the times they need during their professional lifes to upgrade knowledge, learn other specializations or even give a complete change of direction in their working life.
Because of the nature of the abilities our students develop during their stay at the University, which are boosted by the interaction between our Liberal Arts program and the career’s curriculum. Our graduates are in a privileged position to continue the postgraduate studies they decide to follow.

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Do you want to know more?

This document summarizes our educational vision expressed in the distinctive traits of education at the UAI, as well as its realization through the guidelines for curricular, pedagogical and university life that orient our management.

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