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School of Communications and Journalism

Vision and Educational Model

The School of Communications and Journalism at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez aspires to become a leading Faculty of Communications, both in attracting top applicants and in issues related to research, extension and influence in the debate of public policy that plays a role in the freedom of expression, press and journalistic media, as well as the area of corporate communications.

As the UAI School of Communications and Journalism made progress towards its mission, it aligned its education with the educational model of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.  The primary challenges involved assuring an educational process that integrated solid disciplinary knowledge with the development of intellectual capacities and ethical discernment, with the aim to reach a broader and more complex understanding of reality to make a contribution to society.

Following these guiding principles, the School of Communications and Journalism aspires to contribute to the improvement of media and its professionals, encourage innovation, promote creativity, drive entrepreneurship and contribute to research and reflection on journalism and communications.


Pillars of the School of Journalism

The School of Communications and Journalism bases its undergraduate and graduate study plans, community engagement, its data observatory and research on the following pillars:

Press and Power

Professional journalism and media are central elements in a democracy. We believe that practice, analysis and research of the role of the journalist in society is an indispensable framework for professionals and for the country. Undergraduate and graduate education doesn’t only focus on the exercise of the profession, but rather aims to strengthen the global reflection of the connection between journalism and power.


Strategic Communication

The day-to-day of companies and institutions assumes that communication is at the genesis of strategy. In undergraduate, master’s and graduate certificate courses and research, professors develop methodologies for analysis, messages and media to reach different stakeholders. A good communication not only benefits organizations, but also society as a whole, improving trust between stakeholders and making strides towards the development of the country.


Political Communication

Understanding power maps and the motivations behind decision-makers in democratic societies is part of the undergraduate, graduate and research lines at the School of Communications and Journalism. This aims to enrich the understanding of the environment through a reflection that includes an open ear towards political and social discussions in the country and new methodologies that emerge in an effort to understand societal trends.

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