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The speed, intensity and unpredictability of the transformations that characterize our times allow us to forecast that our graduates will change their work platform several times in their lives. We cannot even imagine what will be the demands that the future society will put on them. For this reason, university training should seek to develop certain intellectual skills that foster intellectual flexibility, critical and analytical capacity, and other competencies that facilitate adaptation to the changing requirements of the labor market.
UAI’s Liberal Arts Program aims directly at achieving these objectives. Through it, all students of this university receive a multidisciplinary training in humanities, social sciences and sciences, which allows them to know and put into practice different logics of thought and ways of understanding reality, fostering their ability to analyze problems from different perspectives,

This program is made up of the 8 Core Curriculum courses and 8 Disciplinary courses, which are deployed throughout the undergraduate cycle.
The program called “Core Curriculum” is a set of courses that all our students must take, regardless of the career they have chosen. This way, and thanks to the Core, UAI students develop a common learning experience, focused on a systematic exercise of discussion and reflection on the most relevant expressions of Western thought.

Core Curriculum is composed of “Contemporary Civilization I and II”, “Literature and Humanities I and II”, “Argumentative Writing”, “Art and Humanities”, “Ethics” and “Sciences”.
The Disciplinary Courses, unlike the Core courses, whose program is standardized for all, offer a wide variety of topics, authors and works from which it is possible to choose. These eight courses can be taken in the following areas: Philosophy, Literature and Art, History, Social Sciences and Science.

Each student must take at least one course in each area, and then choose the remaining three according to his or her interests. The disciplinary focus of these courses complements and enhances the general education offered by the Core Curriculum courses.In its most successful expression, the objective of the Liberal Arts is the formation of people who analyze the reality in a multidimensional way, aware of the complexity of human behavior and the dynamic nature of knowledge, open to share and discuss their ideas on the basis of rational arguments, and capable of evaluating their actions and those of others in terms of their contribution to the human good, both at the individual and collective levels.

It is this intellectual formation that we think can provide the most appropriate and long-lasting training for those who will soon enter the professional world.

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