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The speed, intensity and unpredictability of the transformations that characterize these times anticipate that our alumni will change their job or place of work several times throughout their lifetime. We cannot begin to imagine the future demands of society on them. This is why a university education should focus on the development of certain intellectual abilities that promote flexibility, critical and analytical skills, and other competencies that facilitate adaptation to the changing requirements of the workplace.

At UAI, these objectives are met through the program directed by the Faculty of Liberal Arts, and all of our students receive a multidisciplinary education in science, humanities and social science, to expose them to diverse existing forms and methodologies to analyze problems from different perspectives, through the unique logic behind each discipline.

As a comprehensive part of their professional training, all students in all fields should complete coursework in critical reading and interpretation of texts, writing, philosophy,

logical and mathematical reasoning, literature, political thought and institutions, Chilean and universal history, economics, biology and physics.

The goal is not for them to acquire a set of superficial miscellaneous and unrelated knowledge, only to be soon forgotten. The idea is to familiarize the student with a wide variety of ways of pursuing knowledge and reasoning. It is this intellectual education that is known to enable the development of critical thought, the ability to identify and solve problems, differentiate between essential and accessory, seek out, interpret and evaluate the existing information in different branches of knowledge, and, to no lesser degree, communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

We are certain that this base enables the emergence of people who pursue a deeper meaning of life, but also better, more adaptable professionals, with the skills to continue to learn and to question known assumptions when new contradictory evidence emerges. In other words, with an open mind towards innovation.

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