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In November 2001, university authorities formally initiated the School of Psychology, with an entrepreneur angle and the desire to make a contribution to the field and offer a solution to the issues that affect people.  The degree in psychology began on the Santiago and Viña del Mar campuses in March 2002.

Later, to focus the curriculum on professional training and thereby increase job insertion, specialization programs were designed, such as the Master’s in Organizational Psychology and Master’s in Consumer Behavior, as well as the Graduate Certificate in Projective Techniques offered at Viña del Mar.

The School of Psychology also signed cooperation agreements with the main clinical psychology training institutes: the Jung Chile Development Group; Chilean Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy (ICPSI in Spanish); Chilean Psychoanalysis Society (ICHPA in Spanish), and the Center for Systemic Psychological Advice (CAPSIS in Spanish), which drew in numerous professionals to kickstart the Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

In late 2006, the school developed the formulation process for professional skills known as generic for effectiveness.


This showed that top alumni were action-oriented, focused on entrepreneurship with a strong sense of leadership and generativity.

In 2008, the Center for Studies and Human Services (CEAP in Spanish), was created, a clinical and academic space open to the community that began to offer psychological treatment and other activities.

Since 2009, initially through a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Psychology and later in 2010 with the Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Mention in Social Constructionism and Contemporary Psychotherapy, the clinical specialty began to be offered exclusively by the school, leaving the master’s programs as a specialization possibility after obtaining the professional degree.

In 2011, the maturity of the educational project and curricular adaptations of the first graduating classes led the School of Psychology to request the first accreditation of the bachelor’s program with Qualitas, which granted 5 years of accreditation to the program in 2012. The observations developed in this report led the school to propose a significant curricular reform that began with the students who enrolled in their first year in 2015.

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