Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

Vitacura Site

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez inaugurated a new campus in Vitacura which meets the highest standards in sustainability and technology for the postgraduate programs.

The Building

The building where the campus is placed is certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and is also part of the Masterplan Lo Recabarren, which was developed by the prestigious Dutch architect office firm Mecanoo, world leader in sustainable design.

Classroom Technology

In order to enhance the learning experience, each classroom is equipped with state of the art technology. Special Cameras are disposed on classrooms for a panoramic view of the entire space, for those who attend remotely.

Beside the fact of having wider whiteboards, that reach almost every inch of these classrooms, the classroom is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard where students who are attending remotely could clearly see what is explained and written.

The environmental microphones located in the rooms pick up audio from any location in the rooms, without the need for them to be activated. In addition, we have provided an audio system that allows you to hear presentations clearly, voice amplification, comments from other students, among many other functions.

This implementation makes it possible for the teacher and those who are in the classroom to see the students live online, through a system of screens placed in each of the classrooms. In other words, the teacher and the on-site students can interact with the online students as if they were in the classroom.

5870 Santa María Avenue, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.
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