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The Faculty of Engineering and Science at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez offers 7 degrees in engineering, with a teaching model that combines an in-depth conceptual education with applied workshops.


To lead the construction of a sustainable world through the development and transference of scientific and technological knowledge that impacts and contributes to society in a context of fast-paced changes and new challenges. This will require taking risks and looking to the future with an innovative vision and a persevering attitude.


To be a national and international reference in the training of future engineers through an education of excellence and state-of-the-art that, together with the generation of frontier knowledge, transcends to the public and private spheres, impacting positively on the integral and sustainable development of our society.

Value Proposal

Our students embark on an adventure of personal discovery and professional exploration. We educate engineers who generate positive impact in their environment, always looking to the future.

Leading professionals equipped with essential skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaborative work, to respond to adaptive challenges through scientific rigor and the creative incorporation of smart technologies.

This is what we call the Smart+Sustainable DNA: Engineers of excellence, connected and committed to reality, from local to global, with the mission of building a sustainable world.

Educational Model

The Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the UAI offers 7 engineering careers and a bachelor’s degree program, recognized for their professional projection and impact on the sustainable development of society.

The academic program of the engineering careers has a common 2-year plan that includes a training shared by all the careers that are taught, so that from the fourth semester, students can choose their specialty with more information.
FIC’s teaching model, unique in Chile and in line with international trends, considers a core of training in data science and sustainability that begins in the first semester in the Common Plan and is deepened under the perspective of each specialty. In addition, it incorporates a line of workshops applied throughout the career.

The Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the UAI is the only engineering faculty in Chile that incorporates training in Liberal Arts within the curriculum of the career, which allows the student to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, ethical discernment and collaborative work.

The Common Plan is followed by two years of specialization in the chosen career and the program concludes in the fifth year with three possible degree mechanisms: extended internships in companies in Chile or abroad, technology-based entrepreneurship and alternatives of articulation with national or international master’s degrees. It is also possible to opt to obtain a double degree in at least 11 semesters.
A rigorous training in science and engineering, practical and innovative learning through workshops, added to the transversal core in data science and sustainability and the essential skills acquired through the Liberal Arts model, allow graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the UAI, in line with the sustainable development goals defined by the UN, to be able to lead the construction of a sustainable world.

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