Our education model

To fulfill its mission, values and basic commitments, UAI promotes an educational model that integrates professional training with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary intellectual training.

In all the degrees offered by the university UAI aims to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to function successfully in a complex and changing environment. To achieve this, our programs articulate the rigorous study of the nature of each professional discipline through the study of the Liberal Arts, organized in a program, including Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

UAI promotes teaching focused in a meaningful and effective learning system; where students are more than mere recipients of information. Students participate actively in the creation of their own knowledge, developing intellectual autonomy and integrating theory with practical applications. In every academic career, the curriculum includes specific courses in order to obtain the main degree (major), and also liberal arts courses which might be of a different discipline, in order to acquire an additional degree (minor). After obtaining their major, students can pursue studies leading to the respective professional degree and / or choose from various areas of specialization leading to the master’s degree.

Additionally, the program provides undergraduate courses to improve the speaking and writing skills, leadership and sports, and an instruction in English throughout the entire academic program.

At Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez our international students have the freedom to enroll in either our specially designed courses as well as in our regular courses with chilean students (pregrado courses).

Our university offers undergraduate courses in the areas of business, civil engineering, psychology, law, journalism, design (only at peñalolén campus), liberal arts and government.

The undergraduate courses have a longer semester in relation to our specially designed courses, ending their classes in july (spring) and in december (fall), and all of them are taught in spanish.

Spanish Level B2 (CEFR) is recommended for International Students that want to enroll PREGRADO courses with Chilean students.

Our education model For information related to our major and courses, please check below:
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