Over the last ten years, we have been working with our partner universities in both regular exchange programs as well as featured programs, offering courses of diverse topics and organizing cultural and athletic activities for our international students. Our goal is to support their advance, increase their skills of the Spanish language and foster friendship with Chilean students. All of these are the fundamental buildings blocks to have an unforgettable experience living in Chile.

The key to achieving successful results has been a close and permanent relationship with our students and colleagues abroad, based on commitment and strong support. This is made possible due to the hard work of a dedicated faculty who invests an incredible amount of energy to share their passion for international education with students, as well as offering academically well-matched immersive study abroad programs that focus on quality, safety, diversity and accessibility.

I believe that our international students will benefit from the high-level education and vigorous tradition of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.  Meanwhile, I suggest that students make the university their home, establishing open communication and learning with faculty and fellow students. 

I wish you great success studying at UAI.