Coronavirus Updates COVID-19

Coronavirus Updates COVID-19

All the information and updates on COVID-19 in Chile.

🌎➡️ #UAIenCasa

Todo el equipo de la Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales sigue atendiendo y resolviendo las dudas de nuestros alumnos UAI que están en el extranjero y nuestros estudiantes internacionales en Chile.

💪 Seguimos trabajando con la misma fuerza adaptándonos a la contingencia.



🌎➡️ #UAIenCasa: The International Relations team continues to attend to and resolve the questions of our UAI students who are abroad and our international students in Chile.

💪 We will keep our hard work, adapting to this new emergency.


International Relations Services/Servicios de la Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales


By monitoring the health condition of all of our International Students/ Monitoreando la salud de todos nuestros estudiantes internacionales.


By sending daily statements to our International Students, UAI Students and Partner Institutions regarding national and university protocols and news / Enviando comunicados a nuestros Estudiantes Internacionales, Estudiantes UAI e Instituciones Socias relacionado al acontecer nacional, universitario y sobre los nuevos protocolos aplicados.

Mental Health/Salud Mental

Psychological support through our professor and psychologist Valeria Sepúlveda ( Apoyo psicológico a través de nuestra profesora y psicóloga Valeria Sepúlveda (


By delivering information regarding our online classes, schedules and providing answers to questions from students and professors./Entregando información sobre nuestras clases online, horarios y respondiendo a las preguntas de nuestros estudiantes y profesores.


Sign up at if you have any questions or requests./ Envíanos un correo a si tienes alguna pregunta o requerimiento.


Protocolos y Comunidados 2020/Protocols and Statements 2020

En el link encontrarás todos los Protocolos sobre el COVID-19 y también todos los comunicados que hemos enviado a nuestros estudiantes e instituciones socias.

In this link you will find all the Protocols regarding COVID19 and also all the statements that we have send to our students and partner institutions.

Dear community:

The expansion of the coronavirus undoubtedly causes concern. The Government has communicated that it is in phase 3 due to the spread of the virus and has announced the preparations to face phase 4. This suggests that an escalation in the number of cases is expected. While little is yet known about the most effective way to deal with your containment, we believe that our primary concern, at this time, should be to protect our community and avoid unnecessary risk. In these circumstances, out of prudence, we have decided to suspend face-to-face classes as of Monday, March 16. As soon as the classroom classes can be resumed we will return to this modality. This definition is not arbitrary, but in the absence of definitive evidence in either direction and in consultation with expert professionals, it seems to be the most appropriate way to proceed. We believe that the path we have chosen is the most appropriate given the current circumstances and we will certainly change course if new information emerges.

Having made this decision, we will gradually begin to move to online classes. We are working to make that transition quick and we trust the community’s commitment to take this challenge forward. All our teachers will have access to a professional Zoom license so that the classes can be conducted properly. We are giving online and face-to-face workshops to train our teachers in the use of this technology. At the same time, our IT Management has been planning the technical-operational scheme that will ensure the proper operation of the remote mode.

We do not rule out that initially there may be problems and therefore we ask for the understanding of students and teachers. The Academic Vice-Rector’s Office, the Undergraduate Offices and the Schools and Faculties will work in coordination for the success of this task and will detail and inform the next steps from now on. In the meantime, we remind you that all the official information is being permanently updated on the website that we have provided especially for this purpose.

The Campuses will remain open to satisfy essential academic requirements that cannot be satisfied under the remote modality. This week, in addition, we must organize all the challenges involved in the decision that has been made. For this purpose we need the collaboration of all of us who work at the university. However, this during the week it will be defined the different remote work modalities in all those cases that are possible for our collaborators. We will also coordinate with the organizations that provide us with services so that their workers minimize the risks of contagion.

Also i would like thank the ideas and concerns that various members of the community have sent us; it reflect the commitment with our university and the desire that we face this episode together. We are just starting a new academic year and I am sure that with the support of the entire community we will successfully overcome the challenges of this year.

Best regards,
Harald Beyer

COVID-19 News and tips
marzo 19, 2020

Claudio Araya, profesor de Psicología entrega guía para estudiantes de intercambio en la UAI.

marzo 23, 2020

#UAIENCASA : Diversas iniciativas para compartir y reflexionar.

Care measures:

It is important that we all actively collaborate in the care of our community. In order to do so, we recommend the following habits to prevent contagion:

  1. Frequent hand washing with soap and water
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your forearm when you cough or sneeze
  3. Avoid touching or approaching people with respiratory infections

For more information, please visit this website with the protocol that the Chilean Ministry of Health has made available for the citizens.

Academic Activities (Specially Designed Courses and Undergraduate)

Regarding academic activities, these will be carried out through the ZOOM online conference system.

In the case of Specially Designed Courses, they will begin on March 16, each teacher will send their students the corresponding invitations to connect to this tool and start their academic activity this way. The invitation is a link to the ZOOM conference system that you have to join.

Each of you, as an international student, must be permanently monitoring your email to accept the corresponding invitations to online sessions based on the schedule established in your classes, being your responsibility to report it if you do not receive the corresponding invitations.

*It is important to keep in mind that your participation in the online session will be registered with your respective attendance.


In the case of the Undergraduate courses, the Undergraduate Directorate and each Faculty / School will duly inform during the next week how the online course procedure will be.

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