Chile 2020: Dilemmas and horizons of a society in movement

Chile 2020: Dilemmas and horizons of a society in movement

Program Description

Chile, one of the most southern cultural, political and geographical societies of the American continent, adds to this identity its attractive and complex interaction of languages, communities, arts, sciences and technologies, among other perspectives.

This Summer University Program (Winter in Chile), intended for International and national Students and professors, explores chilean society as a participant in the dilemas and the inedit perspectives opened by social demands for new cultural, political, and economic standards according to a modern and democratic society in the 21st century.

This Program, elaborated within the framework of the “Development Agenda 2030” and the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” of the United Nations, seeks to explore and analyze the present of Chile througha set of 4 thematic modular sessions in the fields of:

  1. Culture, Arts, and Education (taught in Spanish)
  2. Political and Social Issues for the Future (taught in Spanish)
  3. Urbanism and Environment (taught in English)
  4. Science and innovation: the contribution of Agriculture, Mining and Oceonagraphy (taught in English).

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How the Program Works

The program, developed by teachers, researchers, artists and participants of cultural and social experiences, consists of 4 thematic modular sessions, each lasting 12 days. Although the sessions are designed to be taken in a successive and complementary order, it is still possible to participate in the number of sessions that each participant agreers (either only 1, 2, 3 or all the 4 sessions).

Each of the 4 sessions contains a common design that includes:

  • Pedagogical material: Set of texts and visual material in digital versión.
  • Thematic face to face modules.
  • Spanish Conversation, Reading and Writing Workshop, associated with the topics studied.
  • Special guests
  • Visits and field workshops in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso
  • Integrated Experience Spaces
  • Study Tour within the Central Zone of Chile
Dates Dates

June-July 2020

Place Place

Viña del Mar

Credits Credits

Each 2 week module gives 3 American credits. Seize this opportunity and complete a semester in just 2 months!

Includes Includes
  • Transfers to all visits
  • Academic program
  • Program materials
  • Site visits
  • UAI Certificates
  • Academic Director 24/7
Important Important
  • All participating Students must have health insurance.
  • The program does not require a Student visa.
  • Airplane tickets and meals not included.

Support Services

  • If you require guidance on transportation to and from the airport, or any other aspect, please contact us.
  • Systematic exploration of the field of study that make up this program as theoretical and practical experience of the participant in the framework of the current chilean culture and society
  • Integrated experience of the fields of study and selected disciplines that seeks to offer an overview of the dilemas and perspectives of the Chile of the XXI Century.
  • Diagnosis of the present state of Chile within the framework and fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations in 2015.
  • Analysis, status and perspectives of the situation and development of Universal Human Rights and Children’s Rights in contemporary Chilean society, base don the considered topic of study.
  • Exploration and study of the various themes of the program through active participation in face-to-face classes, dialogues with specialists, workshops, and integrated spaces of experiences.
  • Participation and practice of the Spanish language in a daily conversation, reading and writing workshop, related to the topics studied in each sesión.
  • Contact and deepening of the cultural and social dimensions of the coastal cities of Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and Concón.
  • Itinerary of knowledge of the geographical and cultural routes of the central area of Chile in the mountains, valleys and coast through the programmmed Study Tours.
  • Interaction in the university spaces with national Students within the framework of their permanent recreational, artistic, social, sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Integration to a Chilean recepction family in the cities of Viña del Mar or Valparaíso, as an experience of communication and knowledge of the ties and cultural codes of a Chilean model family nucleus.
Modular Sessions

Chile Today: Culture, Arts, and Education

  • Date: Viña del Mar, Chile/June 1-12. 2020
  • Details

Chile Today: Political and Social Issues For The Future

  • Date: Viña del Mar, Chile/June 15-26, 2020
  • Details

Chile Today: Urbanism and Environment

  • Date: Viña del Mar, Chile/June 29-July 10, 2020
  • Details

Chile Today: Science and Innovation: The Contribution of Agriculture, Mining And Oceanography

  • Date: Viña del Mar, Chile/ July 13-24, 2020.
  • Details
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